Going on to brunch with a significant other's parents often calls for decent or conservative clothing, but Blake Blossom does not want to waste the chance to wear the new body-hugging dress she just bought. Stepping out of the shower, the busty blonde gets ready to go out with her boyfriend, Dan Damage, putting on cream and picking out a daring black lingerie set. While fixing her blue dress to try and cover the visible bra straps, Blake notices him watching her at the doorway and sees his frown, which prompts her to ask why. Dan comments on how revealing her outfit is and that it wasn't the most appropriate thing to wear to brunch with his parents, but she argues and uses her big tits to convince him that it's actually perfect. Blake shows how the top of the dress strains against her funbags, making them a delectable sight that the man cannot help but have his hands caress. Moans fall from her lips as Dan continues to massage them, then he slides the thin straps of her outfit to get a better grip on her soft globes. Once the curvy hottie's natural tits are bare, he begins to sensually worship the pair by showering them with kisses, licks, and sucks. Moving their amorous activities out of the bathroom, they settle on the bed and make out before Blake pleasures her boyfriend with a sloppy blowjob. Her big luscious melons bounce along to each thrust as Dan fucks her hairy pussy in missionary, the sight being so enticing that he can't help but pull out and tittyfuck then facefuck her instead. Being so horny, Blake demands attention and makes him lie down on the bed so she can sit on his face and receive a well-deserved pussy licking. Wanting to go back to fucking, she rides her lover in cowgirl and lets him suck on her tits as she moves. They 69 for a bit, then the busty goddess goes back to bouncing on his cock in reverse cowgirl and gets pounded from behind in doggystyle. Close to cumming, Blake gives him a helping hand and strokes Dan's cock until he eventually shoots his load all over her massive and perfect tits.

November 14, 2023




Hot scene, but that cumshot looks NOTHING like the one in the photo set. Unfortunate and very misleading:/


Can you get Connie perignon? Would love another scene with violet Myers too

Nickey Milo

Violet Meyers is scheduled to shoot as soon as her contract ends,, glad you love her so do we.


Really feels like these days there’s like minimal titsucking, such a shame because yall been getting some good pornstars as of late. Why cant all of them be like numi zarah’s video.


Nice video !!! ... Can we have Hailey Rose pleaseeee! ?... her tits are amazing !!!


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