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March 19, 2024




Please cast her again with a different artist.

Nickey Milo

we will for sure!


She's hot no doubt, perfect fuckable titties. She is in the category of "bring back girl". Although another scene with missed opportunity here.. Way too little titsucking, worshipping and titfucking. Titfucking at the end while the girl laying on her back is a must in every scene here. Best tittyfuck for me is like this: The girl lay on her back with the guy upon her. The filming shall be from hes point of view while he tittyfucks her. Meanwhile the girl shall push her titties all she can from the sides if not made that way with the arms crossed above the titties so the nipples is shown to the camera. The whole part is ruined when the nipples is covered with hands, fingers etc. Which happens way to often:(. Please listen to this advice. The same thing with titsucking hands is covering. Mike adriano the male pornstar with the most appetite for big tits is a master for this. How he uses the girls tits and suck them great. Also bring tit-horny men and this site which i understand is focusing on the tits not the actual "fucking" so more of this focus:/. Love your site otherwise<3.


Omg perfect fake boobs!!!


Please bring Karma rx to loveherboobs


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