Clad in a black one-piece swimsuit and donning a sexy tattoo on her hip, the beautiful and buxom Taylee Wood is way too hot sitting poolside, in more ways than one. Her neighbor, Stanley, does not appear to be interested in her sexy body and huge tits, so she strives to change his mind. Taking a frozen cube from her drink, Taylee sensually rubs the ice cube on her hot body. The ice cold substance touches her nipples and they stand to attention. She is ready for Stan to see she is not to be ignored. His eye caught, she presses her big titties against the glass that separates them, where he finds himself completely captivated by her amazing melons. She takes her cue and invites herself inside, directly going to Stanley and placing her giant breast inside his eager mouth. Stan’s face is invaded by Taylee Wood's tremendous natural tits. He licks and sucks her gorgeous nipples and buries his face deep inside her juicy big boobs. After an extended period of nipple worship and play, Stan walks Taylee to the living room couch. Then the two alternate between Stan sucking on and kneading Ms. Wood’s huge breasts, occasionally stopping long enough to titty fuck her or slap her juggs with his cock, and Taylee lets Stan fuck her face while she sucks and gags on his huge shaved dick. Finally, Stan is ready to pound Taylee’s pussy, and he slaps her ass just before slamming into her wet slit. But this BBW is not ready to let John have all the fun. She rides him reverse cowgirl, bouncing all the way down on his cock while her massive tits bouncing around. Stan then turns the beautiful brunette over, fucking her doggy style. Holding nothing back, he goes balls deep into her, clapping that ass as hard as he can. Taylee takes her rightful place, her large boobs level with his cock as Stan finishes by jerking off and cumming on her heavenly tits. Taylee Wood shows Stan her gratitude for his warm load as she rubs his cum all over her perfect breasts and finishes by licking his sticky cum from her fingers. Cum on tits is her biggest turn on.

January 11, 2022




where can i dislike? again this guy? no cowgirl? didn't talyee wood had fuller tits in other scenes did she lost weight? she still looks great and the quality is good, but this isn't what i signed up for. i wanted to see her in some good quality scene with many positions with one of the many ugly old guys she had sex with in scenes which were all bad like: mike chapman or eric everhard etc. both shot with her many times already but all scenes were ridiculous bad. but you make nice scenes, nice camerawork and good quality. why not creepy old farts? i mean this serious. i signed up to see more than same (always young) guys and i waited weeks for this scene with her in this black swimsuit to be the same guy with lacking positions... really?!


flamin hot video. My rating for this video is 5 stars out of 5 stars.


Amazing cute girl need her more and more videos


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