Jennifer Mendez was not pleased with her boyfriend, she told him it was over. Fortunately Jimmy knew just what to do to turn her frown upside-down. When he appears with her favorite flowers and proceeds to trace the curves of her ample bosom with them, her pleasure is evident. Her lover then proceeds to worship her boobs through her skin tight bathing suit. Their lustful eyes connect as he pulls down the skin tight material, exposing her huge round fake tits and large nipples. Jimmy wastes no time in worshipping her breasts, licking, teasing and sucking her nipples. This lucky guy with the boobalicious girlfriend also buries his head between her knockers, she loves that he can never get enough of her fun bags and it certainly shows in her smile as she keeps his head close, loving the way his tongue flicks expertly over her nipples. Jimmy takes Jennifer’s hand and she rises into his arms, making out and groping each other. The passionate pair make their way inside, and the fun continues. Flowers tossed on the table, Jennifer is braced up against a pole as her lover continues to worship and slobber over her tits, getting down on his knees and holding her close around her waist. He can barely control his passion, rubbing her knockers on his face as she watches his every move, moaning in appreciation. Jimmy gathers his girl up and brings her over to the couch. As she makes herself comfortable he strips her naked, her tattooed body exposed and yearning for what she knows is waiting for her in those jeans. His big bulge is apparent as he gets up, and she eagerly unzips and pulls his pants down, exposing his hard member. After lubing her chest, she guides his cock between her boobs and he proceeds to fuck her tits hard and rough as he knows she loves it. She holds her boobs together as he tittyfucks her, making sure that his dick stays where they both want it to be. Finally, Jennifer has her lover sit down and eagerly consumes his meat in her mouth, sucking and jerking with fervent passion. Her expert blowjob only serves to increase his desire for her as he fondles her large mammaries. After kissing him deeply, she mounts him in reverse cowgirl and slides his throbbing dick inside her, riding him hard, she take his full length inside moaning at the size of his meat and loving every inch. After some more hard penetration in a spooning position, she teases his face with her tits, bouncing and smacking his face playfully with them. He is all smiles as he then moves her over on her back, mounting her and riding her monster juggs, then sliding inside her pussy, pulling out for a sticky explosion, coating her chest with his cum.

November 16, 2021




This video is awesome, I rate it 5 stars.


i could of put the deserving load on those beautiful flapjacks. wow


Jennifer has such a wonderful pair of big silicone tits! This young man really knows how to enjoy those big silicone tits! Great scene!


Who's the guy??

Nickey Milo

Jimmy, do you like his performance?


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